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Bipasha helps people to "break up illegally"

Bipasha Basu’s new film ‘Jodi Breaker’ is a far cry from her previous movies. To begin with the film sees Bipasha play the girl next door, who has her own street-smart style, and helps people to break up.

Talking about the film, the actress says, “I believe that couples who do not share an amicable relationship should not be staying under the same roof. Or even be forced to, when staying separately can bring them more joy. having said that, I do not mean that pairs should start going separate ways with their very first lover’s tiff, but only when they believe that staying away is what keeps them happy. In the film though, we do run an illegal profession of separating couples. I hope by the time the film hits the theatres this profession becomes legal.”

And while Bipasha confesses of being in love with the very idea of love, she admits that there is nothing like love at first sight.

"I believe in love progressing in a slow and steady manner. Love in the very first sight usually is not love. It is attraction, an infatuation, which is too kiddish. For me, love does work only after we know each other well. And this I suppose can happen only after a while. Finding a soul mate isn’t a spur of the moment thing. Complete love always takes time, ” says the actress who fends any question related to his once beau, John Abraham diplomatically.

She says and we quote: “I do not prefer looking behind. Whatever has happened in past now. It is a history. I have moved on with my life now.”

But that doesn’t mean that the Bollywood beauty doesn’t have a Mr Right in the mind. “He should be honest, sincere, loyal, and should be able to withstand the responsibilities of his family by taking care of their daily needs and all. He should not be insecure. A man with dual personalities will never be entertained by me. Plus, he needs to be handsome.”

With back-to-back releases, Bipasha confesses that her personal life has suffered a setback.

“My work has kept me away from all my friends and family. Lately, these late night photo shoots have been taking all my time along with the promotional tour for ‘Jodi Breakers’. Once I am through with my work, I surely plan to spend some time with them too.”

Busy schedule or not, the one thing that becomes clear is the way the actor looks. In spite of her work, Bips now is looking her beauty best. But quiz her on what keeps her looking fab and she says, “Working round the clock is the reason I am fit, healthy and beautiful. But jokes aside, I do not follow any particular regime. I walk whenever I have time. I go to the gym and also perform Yoga. All this keeps me strong. I believe in maintaining a strong and fit body more than dieting just because it’s a fad.”

On finding some of the best friends, Bipasha says, "The ground rule of good friendship is that friends need to be dependable. Friends who are ready to understand the ways of give and take policy are true friends indeed. One need not have malicious intentions but be ready at any point of time to support his or her friend. True friends are never greedy; it feels amazing to share good bonding with one and all friends. I cannot explain how good my friends are? They are really amazing as they share true love for me. True friends are at times better than blood relations. I am blessed to have almost true fifty friends altogether. Nothing can divide and bring any differences between us.”

Bipasha who recently bought a flat for her mother says, “I feel happy that I have been able to give her a flat that so close to my house. And while that also means that I have to be extra careful of what I do as she is just a stone throw away, I’m nonetheless happy to have her close.”

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