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Abraham, Bipasha Looking for a patch up

Bipasha Basu might have moved on from her 'Dear John'. But dear John, is far from being over his beautiful Bips. At a recent TV talk show with Simi Garewal, Abraham reminisced about the happy times he spent with his ladylove for ten long years. But what went on air is not exactly what transpired between the host and the actor.

John, who had shot for the show earlier this year, wanted to make changes to the section on Bipasha in the show and asked Simi to re-shoot it just before the episode went on air last month. Needless to say, the actor did not just want to make amends to the section but also to the relationship gone sour.

The section on Bipasha that was finally retained on the show had John speaking openly about the happy days he spent with Bips - clichés about how good it was while it lasted that came straight out of a Mills and Boon novel.

John said how he wanted the relationship to work but admitted, "Somewhere I did not let it culminate." He even admitted to having differences with Bipasha towards the end of the relationship on the show.

However, a source close to John Abraham, had something else to say. Looks like, the first time around when John shot for the show, he spoke about the later days of their relationship and the reason behind the couple drifting apart.

When the show was ready to be aired, John wanted the entire section changed since he wanted Bipasha to know how much he missed her. However, even the new version of the section was edited and major chunks left out. "John said a lot of things about how much Bipasha meant to his life. He spoke about the times Bipasha stood by him and held his hand when he was a nobody in the film industry.

All of this was missing when the chat show was finally aired on television. John was sad that these portions were left out in the final edit of the show since he thought Simi's show would be the best platform to let Bipasha and the world know how much and how deeply he still cared for her. To find all of it missing was a big blow for John," informed the source close to the actor.

When contacted, the host of the show, Simi Garewal confirmed the news and added, "John wanted the entire segment on Bipasha to be re-recorded.

My first response was to refuse. To re-shoot a segment and then synchronise it with the rest of the footage required Herculian amounts of my editing skills. If it was another star I'd have said no. But John is a very dear and trusted friend. And besides he wanted to say something important. So I agreed."

However, most of the 'important' things the actor said, had to be edited. Recalling all that the star had to say, Simi added, "He was filled with nostalgia. He spoke about the time he spent with her. He spoke with much warmth affection and respect.

What I found truly touching was the amount of respect he still had for the relationship. You see, the very fact that he wanted to say what he had to say about Bipasha all over again, proves how important those words on her were to him. In all my years as a chat show hostess, I've never had such a request. I'd have never entertained such a request from anyone else. I am glad I did this time. John spoke from his heart."

Unfortunately, the entire section had to be edited. "I could incorporate only 12 minutes of what he had to say. So, large portions where he spoke about how much he valued her and how she supported him when she was a star he just a struggler, got left out. Do I regret it? I don't know. One has to be ruthless while editing interviews," said Simi finally.

Sources confirmed that the actor has started missing his lady a lot of late. "John never thought that Bipasha would leave him simply because he refused to get married. He had said 'no' to marriage a number of times earlier as well. But this time around, Bipasha gave him an ultimatum. John was stunned. Since their break up, John has been making a frantic attempt tp portray himself as a Casanova, but the truth is John isn't seeing anyone right now. He is waiting for Bipasha to come back to him," revealed the source.


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